Friday, December 24, 2010



Panj Tan Paak - The Ahl-e Bayt

The Holy Five include Prophet Muhammad (sas), Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain (peace & blessings upon them all). The Holy Five are also referred to as People of the House - Ahl-e Bayt also transliterated as Ahl al Bayt depending upon the Farsi or Arabic root.

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The Panj Tan Paak are the Five Purified Ones of the Prophet's family who attained this status by many incidences that took place during the Prophet's life. These historical events are not only supported by verses revealed in the Holy Quran, but also from the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, referred to as the Hadith. Not only are these the main sources of the information, but the life and culture of every Muslim, be he from Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Africa, Iran, or the West, abounds with veneration to these five exalted beings. This devotion is visible in wonderful renditions in calligraphy on artifacts, jewelry, taawiz (amulets), as have impressions been left on Islamic architecture during many ages in many languages and countries. The love for these Holy Five takes expression in devotional poetry, kawaalis, ginans, qasidas and essays and sermons. Its engraved on the mind and soul of every devoted momin who will recite the Salawaat at the mention of anyone from the Prophet's family. As a note to others not familiar with this practice, whenever you see (pbuh) or (sas) near the Prophet's name, this stands for peace be upon him, salle as salaam.

In the daily lives of the devotees, great Barakah is received by invoking the names of the Purified ones as Allah Himself chose them and gave them an exhalted status. In my Naad-e Ali page, I have outlined how Momins call on Ali for help in the time of difficulty, and is invoked as Mushkil-Khusha Mowla Ali - the Abettor of troubles.